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Ok... it is not April the first.... but it is snowing...I also apologise to those who saw my post of Facebook about Arctic honey... at the beginning of April.....

So what have I been up to? A few days ago when it was warm I pushed the remaining colonies that are in wooden boxes into the new poly boxes.

Generally the colonies are doing well, and a few are quite advanced and already on two brood boxes.

I have been recovering wax from old brood frames...

  1. Wax is a valuable hive product...

  2. Dirty / old foundation is a reservoir for brood disease

So today I got on with putting fresh wax in cleaned or new frames.

I did provide a video last season... here it is again.

However a couple of extra words of wisdom...

I use a hammer and also a pin driver... the latter for the wedge bar.

also I consider that wax has a front and a back.

This is the front....the difference is the front has the wire on it... I like to fold the wire hooks from the front towards the back so that the wire doesn’t pull away.

so I have done about 10 boxes this pm.... enough

While doing this I listened to an interesting program on BBC radio about bees and beekeeping.

You might enjoy it.

Ah! I look out of the window and it has stopped snowing.... for the moment... still windy though!

Time for a glass of sherry !

Happy beekeeping

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