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Get to Know Us

Welcome to Thornton-le-Dale honey, we are medium scale hobby beekeepers who take great pride in the care of our bees and the production of our honey here in North Yorkshire.


I (Philip) began beekeeping some 40 years ago and continue to find it the most addictive pastime. My wife Pauline is very supportive and is a great lover and promoter of native bees and their role in the countryside.


We use Buckfast Queens that we get from Jack Wilford and find that they are productive and gentle. The Buckfast line was developed by Brother Adam at Buckfast Abbey throughout his working life.

Bee Health is always a priority and as such have our bees inspected by the Seasonal Bee Inspector to ensure our bees are healthy as often as we can.

It is always a pleasure to encourage and help new beekeepers as they start out. Each year brings new experiences and challenges adding to the fascinating world of bees and beekeeping.

Please enjoy some of our videos and photos you will find on our website about beekeeping.

Beekeeper with Honeycomb
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