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Honey Jars

Our honey is a seasonal product and each batch is different in look, texture and smell / taste, a bit like Single Malt. 


Honey starts off liquid generally speaking and gradually crystallizes. We can reliquify it for bottling by gently warming it.


There will be several “flows” of honey in the season if we are lucky enough to have the weather with us.


Spring honey, usually a light coloured and flavoured honey that sets quickly.


Mid summer honey, often darker and stronger in flavour.


Finally there is the heather which is very special, very aromatic and jelly like.


We are often asked if we have raw honey. This is a term imported from other parts of the world where they pasteurise honey so it is not really relevant as we do not generally pasteurise in the U.K.


Our honey is extracted by putting the frames of honeycomb in a centrifuge to free it and then running it through a series of sieves to remove any lumps of wax or pollen before putting it in to Jars 


We currently produce our honey for consumption in the jar and as cut comb honey.


We generally have 1lb and 8oz Jars of honey if available in season.

Spring and Summer Honey 1lb    £6.00

Spring and Summer Honey 1/2lb £3.75

Heather Honey 1lb                        £7.00

Heather Honey 1/2lb                     £4.00

Cut Comb 1/2lb                             £6.40

Available at the door or by post on request.

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