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  • Philip Closier

Nothing much going on.....

It is Sunday 17th January, I am going to pop up to the apiary in a min to check the hives and the entrances. It is sunny but quite frosty at the moment so I will not expect to see anything going on.

This morning a short video popped up on my iPad from Lyson. It is one of a series made by the Lyson company and features members of the family. It is not deep beekeeping stuff but actually it is great to show younger members of the family or non beekeepers a few glimpses of beekeeping.... from plants for bees right through cooking and candle making.

Todays offering extracting to Jar... in about 2min53 seconds enjoy it !

You can search for the rest on YouTube... it is in Polish but with English subtitles!

PS I will peek a look at the food packs and report back!

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