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Making life simple

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

As I have mentioned before make life simple, do not lift more than you have to,

Just took delivery of some 50mm wheels from good old eBay for use on my trollies in the honey room today.

I normally use 145mm ones for down in the barn for storing supers and hives on as they seem to move easily over slightly uneven surfaces. The barn trollies are normally 18 inches by 44 inches to allow the stacking of two piles of boxes side by side and then they are secures with a ratchet strap. The Honey room trollies are 18 inches by 18 inches.

I use National Hives hence the 18 inches! for other designs match the measurements to your hive!

I use old metal queen excluders on the base each stack to ensure that no mice get access to the comb. This is for two reasons.

1 Mice destroy comb

2 It is not hygienic to have mice in your hives!

and finally the air can circulate to prevent mould developing during the winter.

These smaller wheels are for when I bring supers in full of honey... they are heavy so I like to be able to move them simply.

I have one for incoming supers, I tend to stack them about 10 high (strap them before moving for health and safety) and one for the outgoing supers.... top tip, bring supers home, extract them overnight and get them back next day if you can.... bees that get a sniff of honey will lay siege to you and it is a terrifying sight !

So what do these trollies look like!

I will be putting a solid base onto the top surface later to catch the drips and make it bee proof!

and the double one

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