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  • Philip Closier

Making Hand Cream

Morning to you all, it has been wet, cold and generally miserable outside!

I often suffer from cracked skin on my hands at this time of year and this coupled with the threat of C-19 that leads to more handwashing and the use of alcohol hand sanitizer it has reached new heights of pain and suffering.

So I have been making a simple and effective hand cream.

You need

  1. Clean Beeswax

  2. Oil (Rapeseed, Olive or Sunflower)

  3. A few drops of Essential Oil if you want a smell to it ( Lavender, Tea-Tree, Rosemary)

  4. A Bain Marie

  5. Some jars or moulds

Simply melt 7 oz of beeswax and 9 oz of oil.... stir it up and and add the Essential oil.

If you use less oil it will produce a harder hand cream that requires some effort to put on, but it is less oily after it absorbed into the skin.

Pour in to small moulds... leave to set, (put in the freezer to help it pop out and or use food grade silicon spray or moulds.)

You cannot sell it by the way unless you have a licence for cosmetics / pharmaceuticals

Pictures of the processes

Top Tip, keep oils in a jar... if they leak it damages paintwork etc

Top Tip, don't spill the hand cream, it tends to ruin stuff so use a covering / tray

Hand Cream Poured and Cooling

Job done!, keep it in a ziplock bag or plastic box and rub it on to your hands like a bar of soap.

Hope you enjoy making it.

Kind Regards Philip

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