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  • Philip Closier

Another Cold Day!

The weather is hovering around freezing and the rain is falling as sleet covering everything is a wet slush....

A short one today to remind you all to check your entrances against blockages regularly, While in warmer times the bees manage to bring out the dead and push them clear in the cold freezing times they often cant manage it because they are either unwilling to get cold or become overwhelmed by the sheer number of dead.

Which ever reason the outcome can be fatal, If the bees cant get out for a cleansing flight when they need to they will eventually have to void their bowels in the hive, bees being very clean creatures will clean it up and you will then enter a vicious cycle of other bees getting dysentery as a result as they cross infect each other in a growing epidemic that will often end in the death of the entire colony. The smell is a sickly sweet one that is never forgotten...

A long stick is useful or if you have one a "radiator roller" frame is perfect!

It will allow a sweep right to the back of the floor with little effort and disturbance to the bees. Buy on line or at DIY type shop... under £2.00 in my experience!

Finally we had some lovely Bee related Christmas presents from various friends !

and this rather embossed super rolling pin.... for making biscuits with !

Thank you .... you know who you are!

Looking forward to a warmer spring!

Happy Beekeeping !!

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